Biological Age is a measurement of your internal aging.

Lower your biological age up to 8 years with Rejuvant. 

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A breakthrough discovery that may slow the process of aging and increase your healthy years of living.
Stronger, faster, longer, better. Defy the aging process.


Not supplemental.

Instead of a cabinet full of untested supplements, take something that actually works. You only need two tablets of Rejuvant®, once a day, to build strength, increase endurance, feel more energetic, and live a healthier life.
Not just more years. 

Better years.

It’s not the years we have left, it’s what we do with them. By resetting your DNA to that of a younger you, Rejuvant can potentially increase your “healthspan,” defined by scientists who study aging as, “the period of life spent in good health.” So go ahead, run that 10K, climb that mountain, take on that new project, Rejuvant can help you do it.


Backed by science.

Scientists at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, the global leader in the field of anti-aging research tested Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate, the key ingredient in Rejuvant LifeAKG™, to investigate its impact on slowing the aging process. What they discovered was extraordinary.

Detoxify age-related ammonia buildup
restore dna integrity

decrease biological age

Increase cellular energy production
reduce age-related inflammation
How is LifeAKG Different Than AKG?

In our search for the ultimate life-enhancing substance we discovered natural AKG in the human body, but our tests quickly revealed that our ingestion of extra AKG yielded no longevity benefits. 

That's because man-made AKG isn't pure enough, and can't survive the harsh conditions of human digestion. So we spent 5 years figuring out how to solve all those problem with our proprietary LifeAKG™ LifeTabs which are...

  • More Bioavailable

Common AKG is destroyed by stomach acids before it can be absorbed – so LifeAKG™ is protected with acid-proof coating.
  • Time Delayed

Your body releases AKG in a steady flow all day long - and LifeAKG™

replicates that with a sustained release matrix.

  • Ultra Pure

Common AKG manufacturers struggle to achieve 80% purity - but

our patent-pending method creates 98% ultra pure LifeAKG™.

  • Hospital Quality 

Each batch of LifeAKG™ is screened in a 3rd party, independent lab for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.
  • Gender Specific

Our testing revealed gender-specific response to ingredient synergies, so we created specialized formulas for men and women.

  • Science-Backed

Rejuvant is backed by extensive research and double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials. 

Two Tablets. One Huge Difference.
Rejuvant supercharges energy production in all cells, so your heart, lungs, muscles, brain...all benefit from optimized performance. 
"As a result of a herniated disk, I became interested in non-surgical treatments to alleviate my pain. I've been taking Rejuvant for several months. I've felt better and more energetic every day. I've been so satisfied with the results I ordered a supply for my wife!

 - Simon

"I run a limousine service and it's important for me to stay alert during the day. After 10 days of taking Rejuvant I noticed I didn't need to take a break in the afternoon. That's not bad for a guy who is 71!"  

- Phil