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*Rejuvant Emerges as No. 1 Longevity Solution

Buck Institute on Aging studies reveal Rejuvant’s ingredients hold the promise to reverse epigenetic aging.
Preliminary research at the Buck Institute on Aging, the preeminent independent research facility dedicated solely to aging research, showed sustained-release Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate may be an effective strategy in slowing down the aging process. In their landmark mammal study, Rejuvant’s LifeAKG™ increased the healthiest years of life by 41% and reduced the manifestations of age-related frailty by 46%.
Rigorous research leads to precise formulation.
Unlike many others in the supplement industry, Rejuvant® was developed with meticulous scientific research. Millions of dollars, and years of research confirmed our hypothesis that Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate in specific combinations can delay the aging process. More than a dozen separate laboratory trials evaluated multiple compounds on mammals to assess effectiveness. Hundreds of combinations of these compounds led to the development of Rejuvant LifeAKG. 

And because we discovered Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate was metabolized differently in males and females, we formulated Rejuvant differently, too. To increase the potency for men, we included vitamin A. For the women’s dosage, we added vitamin D3.

Patent-pending delivery mechanism.
We tested hundreds of formulations before we developed our proprietary tablets. We formulated our proprietary calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, LifeAKG, in a sustained release matrix to prevent it from being absorbed too quickly. We then combined the LifeAKG with vitamin A and D to make our proprietary formulas for men and women. You need only two tablets, once a day, to live a healthier life.
Safe and effective as documented in peer-reviewed publications.
Rejuvant is made from the same naturally occurring ingredients in your own body: Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Research studies in the most respected scientific journals in the world—including Cell Magazine, Science, Lancet, Clinical Toxicology, and the National Center for Biotechnology Information at NIH—confirm the safety for humans of Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate when taken as directed.
Manufactured to the highest standards of purity.
We manufacture Rejuvant in the US, on a standard production line. Unlike most other supplements, our patented manufacturing process uses a purpose built production line dedicated solely to Rejuvant, including a biologically-pure USP water filtration system, so we can guarantee Rejuvant’s purity. Rejuvant produces AKG that is proprietary to Ponce De Leon Health, sustained release to maximize delivery, and over 98% pure.
Gauge your age: true biological age testing.
While your chronological age is the number of years that you’ve been alive, your biological age is the true reflection of how your cells are aging. Your biological age is best revealed through DNA analysis. Rejuvant has partnered with TrueMe Labs, makers of TrueAge Index, the first-ever direct to consumer epigenetic test, to allow you to see how your biological age compares to your chronological age and how it can change over time with additional testing. 

Taking the test is easy. Send a small amount of your saliva to TruMe Labs—an independent laboratory run by Stanford and Harvard-trained scientists—with the collection materials provided. TruMe will process your genomic DNA and compare it to profiles of the human genome to create biomarkers for your unique aging pattern. These results are correlated into a TrueAge Index™, reflecting age-related changes in your metabolism, physiology, and lifestyle which together make up your true biological age. 

To most effectively monitor your aging process, we recommend tracking your TruAge Index when you begin taking Rejuvant, and again after six months. Using the results in the TrueAge report will provide insight into your changing DNA methylation patterns and enable you to track your true biological age.

Selected Studies supporting Rejuvant with LifeAKG

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Based on human and mammalian studies.

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